Subway, Washington Square, Lansing

Hey, not all meals can be fancy or exciting. A man’s gotta eat, though.

I trudged from my office in downtown Lansing to Subway on the coldest day of the year… until the next day arrived. But I needed a sub, and I was going to get one, frostbite be damned.

I’ve been happy with all my trips to the South Washington Subway. They are fast, and they need to be – with one of the Cooley Law School buildings right across the street, lots of hungry would-be lawyers come in every day.

No toasting for me, thanks – that’s Quizno’s deal. I like my Subway subs the old fashioned way – cold. I almost always get the Classic Italian with lettuce, pickles, jalapenos, and mayo. It works for me, so I stick with it.

And like all the other times I’ve been there, I was happy with the speed and service and food. Some days, just a simple sub will do.


One thought on “Subway, Washington Square, Lansing

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