Taco Bell rocks, and you know it

Behold the Volcano Box! A drink, two tacos, a burrito, and cinammon twists for $5. That’s a good deal, people. Gird your loins and go get some.

Taco Bell Volcano Box

The Taco Bell on Grand River in East Lansing in my favorite in the area. It’s bright, I’ve had great service, and they have flat screen TVs. I’ve also never been assaulted, hit by a car, or been set on fire while being there. I consider that good fortune.

Don’t disprect The Bell. You know you loved it in high school. My days of eating a taco ten-pack are over, but I still enjoy indulging once in a while, usually after they come out with some limited-time offer, like the cheesy potato bacon burrito. Oh, that was good. Mexican food AND bacon? Give me a Dos Equis and we’re square.


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