Amical, Traverse City

Andrea and I ate at Amical in Traverse City last weekend, a favorite lunch spot in one of my favorite places.  I like to try new restaurants, especially to places that I don’t get to visit as often as I would like, but I never have an objection going to this familiar spot.

Amical, Traverse City

We started with the olive twists, one of the best appetizers on the planet. If you like green olives, that is. The olives were spread inside long, thin bread sticks. Andrea was trying to figure out what exactly was inside to recreate them at home, but besides olives and cheese, I had no idea, but they were incredible.

Olive twists at Amical, Traverse City

My main course was penne rustica style. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry again. Calamata olive, Italian sausage, basil, and more; this was a very nice pasta. Andrea had the rustica pizza, which I’ve ordered before and was the other item I was considering. But she shared her pizza with me, so I got the best of both worlds.

Penne rustica style at Amical, Traverse City

After our fantastic lunch, we walked next door to Jacques Torres, a chocolate store I had read about in Traverse Magazine. They have a quite the variety of chocolates, and we had a hard time deciding on a dozen or so to fill our little box. The chocolate chip cookies looked great – I will buy one of those the next time I’m in town.

Jacques Torres, Traverse City


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