Shakin’ and steakin’

Nothing too extravagant for lunch today. Since I was on Lansing’s south side to get an oil change for my car, I walked through ten inches of snow on the un-shoveled sidewalks to the Steak & Shake on Edgewood Boulevard. The Okemos store closed last year, so this is the closest location to me, either at home or work. And not only closed, the building is gone! When they knock the building down, you can be sure that the place is not coming back.

Steak & Shake advertises their “4 meals for under 4 dollars”. Of course, that means $3.99. I tried the double steak burger with cheese and fries. The drink wasn’t included in the price. As always, I was happy with my Steak & Shake meal. It was fast and fresh and I had no complaints.

I also like the décor. The interior is bright with lots of windows. And the salt really comes out of the shakers fast, so saltaholics like me can get to work. The music isn’t too bad either, and at a volume that I don’t require earplugs.


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