And still the champ, Red Cedar Grill

Andrea and I went to the Red Cedar Grill in Williamston on Wednesday night. The one things I don’t get is that the restaurant is always at least half empty. This visit was no exception, and there were only a handful of tables that were occupied. The service and food have always been fantastic, so maybe it’s just that Williamston is farther than most people are willing to go for a night out. In any case, they’re really missing out.

We started with a bottle of Napa Landing Chardonnay, which was nice. Buttery is the word I would use. But since I usually throw in random adjectives to describe wines to make fun of snobs, I would say it was audaciously ambivalent as well.

I had the Ravioli Florentine, which I enjoyed. It was my least favorite of the pasta dishes I’ve tried, but it was still very good. I would pick the carbonara or the Cajun fettuccine over it, though. Andrea tried the mahi-mahi, which had a good flavor but was overcooked. On our last visit, she tried the salmon and it was undercooked. Maybe on our next visit, her fish will be prepared just right.

We finished with the chocolate skillet cake, Andrea’s favorite dessert in the Lansing area now that the quality of Beggar’s Banquet has declined so much. A hot, made-to-order chocolate and peanut butter cake covered with hot fudge and ice cream. Oh boy, that’s good stuff. Or, as Andrea told the manager, it was the “best thing ever”.

So make the drive out to Williamston and give them a try. I had heard poor reviews about the now-closed Lansing Mall store, that it was slow and noisy. That is the absolute opposite of the Williamston restaurant. They are consistently excellent, and they are still the restaurant to beat in my book.


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