The Blue Tractor, Traverse City

I was in Traverse City last weekend for a snowshoe excursion, starting in Ludington, stopping in Traverse City, and ending in Cadillac. While there, I met a friend at The Blue Tractor on Union Street.

The Blue Tractor, Traverse City

The Blue Tractor, Traverse City

This was my second visit to The Blue Tractor. The first time, Andrea and I split a basket of potato chips complete with a melted cheese dipping sauce appetizer, and a slider basket. The quality of the food made a good enough impression that I wanted to make a return visit.

This time around, I had the Black, Blue, and Bacon burger (they had me at bacon), which was very good. The burger was cooked perfectly, as was the bacon. My one criticism is that the bleu cheese wasn’t spread out evenly and was a bit too strong in parts. But that was minor – I’d have the burger again if the Crunch Burger didn’t sound so good.

The Blue Tractor, Traverse City

The Blue Tractor, Traverse City

The burger came with lots of crispy, tasty fries and a side of sliced sweet pickles. I met a friend there, so we talked for quite a while, long enough for the small child in the seat behind me to be replaced by a screaming baby, which is always great for trying to have a conversation.

Noise aside, it was another great visit, and I’ll be hard-pressed to avoid going there again because of all the other great restaurants in TC that I want to try.


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