Nachos at The Nuthouse

I met my friend Tim at The Nuthouse for lunch yesterday. Being a nacho fiend, I decided on said dish. I had eaten Nuthouse nachos before, but it had been almost two years, so I decided to refresh my memory.

First impression – what’s with all the olives? And who though black olives on nachos was a good idea anyways? I should have looked at the ingredients before I told the waitress I wanted the nachos – I would have told her to leave them off.

Second impressions – what’s with all the lettuce? Apparently, rabbits are frequent eaters of Nuthouse nachos.

Once you get past the barrier of vegetables, the meat and cheese were good. The chips were fine, but there were very few of them in proportion to the toppings. Tim detailed his full order / half order theory. If you have the full order of nachos, you get the top two-thirds of the bag. People who order the half-order get the bottom third. And I tend to believe him – most of the chips were good sized, but near the end, I was picking through the cabbage patch, trying to find just a hint of a chip.

Here is what is looked like after I was done. It doesn’t appear that I ate much, did it? I did, and I was completely absent of hunger when I left the restaurant, but I skipped most of the lettuce and olives, which means I didn’t eat about half the nachos.

Nachos, The Nuthouse

Nachos, The Nuthouse

So while, underneath the lettuce / olive armor the core of the nachos was good, I would probably not order them again. At $10 for a full order, I just didn’t get enough of the good stuff to make it worth the price.

The Nuthouse recently replaced their bank of big TVs on the wall with slightly smaller flat screens. It’s a typical bar – a decent place to watch a game, but not something to go out of your way for. It was a short walk from my office in downtown Lansing to the soon-to-be-renamed Oldsmobile Park on Michigan Avenue.

The Nuthouse

The Nuthouse


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