Troppo, the second time around

Our first experience at Troppo (when it was located far, far away – across the street, to be precise) was not good. It took 45 minutes to simply get a bottle of wine, the first two bottles we ordered were out, the food was nothing spectactular. And, since troppo is Itlian for “too much”, as you can guess, it was overpriced.

Three years later, Troppo has moved to its new location on the north side of Michigan Avenue, and perhaps the demon of bad service has been exercised. We are forgiving customers willing to give a local company another try.

Okay, the real reason: We had a gift certificate.

But we were happily surprised. The service was much better and the food, though not stellar, was interesting. I had the Pork and Mac, pork chops on top of macaroni and cheese. I had never conceived of having these two things together.

Peanut butter and chocolate they were not, though. Both the pork chops and macaroni and cheese were good by themselves, but didn’t do anything for me we added together. Still, points for creating an unusual dish.

Soup was included. I had peasant soup, which tasted like minnestroni – salty, which is what I like in a soup. Rolls the size of doughnut holes were also served. The dessert menu looked good, but we were still trying to power through our Girl Scout cookies at home, so we skipped that course.

So we went away much happier than we did on our last visit, and will consider them for future outings. Troppo hasn’t completely redeemed itself from our awful first experience, but it’s on its way.


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