Brannigan Bros. for basketball

I did the unthinkable (for me) and ate at the same restaurant last week. Oh, the humanity! But I felt I had to. With the NCAA Tournament in it’s first – and best – days, I wanted to see as much basketball as possible. And with the sports bar picking really slim in downtown Lansing, I decided for a two-fer at Brannigan Bros. Sure, I could have walked to The Nuthouse, the best sports bar within walking distance, but it’s farther away, I didn’t have the WHOLE day to watch TV.

On Thursday, the place had the post-St. Patrick’s Day smell of stale spilled beer. Yummy. And except for the guy that sat next to me who made a stream of incoherent statement, I had a decent experience.

I tried the “Hot Roast Beef and Fried Egg” sandwich, because fried eggs on sandwiches rock! The beef was a little tough in places, but the flavor was good, and served on lightly toasted, buttery bread. It came with a pickle and chips.

On Friday, the stale beer smell and annoying bar neighbor had dissipated. I had eaten like a pig the past few days, so I went with the chef salad to make myself feel better. Nothing special there, just ham, turkey, cheese, tomatoes, and a hard-boiled egg on lettuce. Good enough for what I needed, and several dollars cheaper than salad as nearby restaurants. It will not win any awards, though.

One tip – don’t try to view the Brannigan Bros. menu on line unless you have a very fast connection. The PDF file is over 34 MB, which is insane file size for a menu. There is no reason to have that file so large. If you do risk downloading the menu, I recommend you save it on your hard drive for future use – your networking team will love you for it.


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