Nachos at Chili’s

I stopped in for a quick bit at Chili’s in Okemos on Monday night. This is a tale of two posts, the food and the service. I’ll start with the food.

I tried the 8-chip nachos, since I wasn’t too hungry, and 8 chips didn’t seem very much. And it wasn’t, but it was perfect for my appetite. Unlike a normal dish of nachos, each chip was decorated with toppings instead of throwing gobs of beef, cheese, etc. on a pile of chips.

And it worked. The beef and beans were good, and most chips had jalapenos. There wasn’t a lot of salsa, but enough for such a small amount of chips. Everything went together very well, and every bite was full of good stuff. To add to the experience, I had a $3 10 oz. margarita, a special on Monday nights.

Which brings me to the service. Apparently, the bartender (whose name was “Dude”, according to the recipe) didn’t like making 10 oz. margaritas. And he expressed this to other employees several times. Too much work, he claimed, and he wished they would be taken off the menu. And he did this while only about five feet from me, sitting there with my 10 oz. margarita that he had made for me. So he was either rude or stupid.

But fate is a funny thing. When I got my recipe, lo and behold, I had the opportunity to fill out an online survey. Which I did. So, “Dude”, I perhaps next time you’ll be a bit smarter when you bitch.


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