Beer and a burger at Hopcat

The waitress asked me how the beer was. I replied it was very good, an automatic response when a waitress how my meal is.

I was lying.

I had decided on the Step Child Red because it was a Hopcat-brewed beer, and because I generally like reds (don’t tell my wife). It looked like a rouge-tinted Blue Moon, but unfortunately didn’t have the same caliber in the taste department. It was fine going down, but had an unpleasant aftertaste. Of the dozens of beers on tap, I had chosen poorly. Better luck next time.

Hopcat, Grand Rapids

Hopcat, Grand Rapids

Hopcat is located in downtown Grand Rapids, next to Van Andel arena. The decor was amazing, part bar of yesteryear, part beer can collector’s basement, party stylish pub.

Hopcat, Grand Rapids

Hopcat, Grand Rapids

And the bathroom! I don’t have a picture of that, but the men’s room is decorated with 50s pornography – racy drawings of scantily-clad women – and black and white photos of musicians and movie stars.

Onto the food. It was hard to decide between the Zee Bo burger (bacon and jalapenos) and the olive burger (olives, two kinds of cheese). I chose the latter, and I should have chosen the former.

It wasn’t a bad burger – the ingredients were quite good – but the sum of the parts didn’t do anything for me. And it just wasn’t olive-y enough, the taste of the olives being overwhelmed by the cheeses. Not at all a bad burger, just not what I was hoping for.

The olive burger at Hopcat

The olive burger at Hopcat

Criticisms aside, I would eat at Hopcat again. The beer selection was outstanding, with plenty of Michigan beers on tap. There were several good looking items on the menu that I would love to try.

Hopcat, Grand Rapids

Hopcat, Grand Rapids


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