Beer and burritos in Okemos

Andrea and I went to Cancun in Okemos because we had a coupon. Yes, that was the sole reason, but we both enjoyed our meals as well – what a bonus! I had the “Burrito Cancun Carne”, which was a burrito filled with ground beef. It came with rice and beans, and was topped with a tomato. I had not seen a whole tomato slice on a burrito before, but maybe they were saving time by not chopping it up.

 Andrea had the enchiladas verdes. She thought the chicken was overcooked, but was otherwise good. And she had guacamole opposed to the sour cream with my dish.

And beer. Cancun had a special – $3 for a 24 oz. Dos Equis. That is a deal that I can get into. Add to that free chips and salsa and we had the makings of a good dinner, and one close to home.

I’d like to keep one of the more authentic Mexican places open. (I call it authentic because all the people that work there are native Spanish-speakers.) Mango’s, at Park Lake and Saginaw, closed a few months ago, and I don’t want to see that happen to another one of our restaurants.


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