Geno’s Pizzeria, Lansing’s newest pizza joint

I was mourning the departure of Menna’s Joint from Lansing when I read about Geno’s on Runs With Spatula. Since it was a beautiful day, I made the four-block walk to Washington to eat at the newest restaurant in downtown Lansing.

Two slices for $5. That seemed like a good deal, and when I saw the size of the pieces, I knew it was a good deal. I tried the meat-lovers version, with bacon, pepperoni, and ham, which was excellent. I think a vegetable snuck on my pizza somehow, but I’ll forgive the chefs – there was only one little piece.

Geno's Pizzeria, Lansing

Geno's Pizzeria, Lansing

They don’t have the full menu of hoagies and salads yet, but that should be by the end of April, according to the lady behind the counter. The service was fast and the food was definitely worth returning for. I’ve got another place for a good meal downtown.


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