Ten Michigan restaurants worth a trip

Great Lakes Escapes has listed ten restaurants worth a trip for. And of the ten, I’ve been to five of them: Joe’s Gizzard City (Potterville), Don’s Drive In (Traverse City), Enso (East Lansing), Zehnder’s (Frankenmuth), and The State Room (East Lansing.)

They’re all good, though I don’t know if The State Room is worth a “trip” to see it. The wine dinners (and beer dinners) are worth visiting, but Andrea and my experiences there for normal dinners have not been that great, and I’ve heard similar comments from others.

(Speaking of wine dinners, they are having one on Tuesday, April 20th, and will be serving wines from a Michigan vineyards, Bel Lago and Black Star Farms.)

Zehnder’s┬áis an experience. The family dinner can feed quite a large family, and the fried chicken they’re famous for is really that good. And if you run out of any of the food, chicken or sides, they bring out more.

Zehnder's, Frankenmuth

Zehnder's, Frankenmuth

As for Joe’s Gizzard City, yes, I have eaten gizzards, and they were good. Gizzardfest is held in June and it is your typical Michigan fair, just with gizzards. My (at the time) 2-year old loved them even more than I did, so it was fun for the whole family.

Gizzards in Potterville, MI

Gizzards in Potterville, MI


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