Restaurant Month in Lansing – off to Gilbert & Blake’s

It’s Restaurant Month in the Lansing area. Did you know that? Surprise!

Several restaurants around the area are offering discounted 3-course meals. You can see a list of the participating restaurants and their menus on the Lansing City Pulse site.

Andrea and I went to Gilbert & Blake’s in Okemos to try their selection. Course number one was a simple salad. Nothing special there, but we both love their bread. And we had a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle that went well with dinner.

The main course was a sweet sea bass with rice and veggies. Though I’m a fan of Mitchell’s in Eastwood, G&B’s sea bass was better. The portions were not large, but I was comfortably full… after eating the rest of Andrea’s fish that she could finish.

Dessert was a “molten lava” cake. It was neither molten nor lava, but I still enjoyed it. And an included dessert is never unappreciated.

All that for $21.95 during Restaurant Month. But, to get that price – and the discounted rate at any of the participating restaurants – you have to print out a coupon from the web site.


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