Nachos at Jalapeno’s, Lansing

I consistently enjoy the Macho┬áNachos at Jalapeno’s on Washington Square. Unlike many places that offer a half-order of nachos, that portion at Jalapeno’s is enough to satisfy me. (Those pictured are a half-order.)

Jalapenos, Lansing

Jalapenos, Lansing

As you can see, they provide a generous portion of sour cream. The chips are crispy and there are loads of meat, cheese, and veggies. And even though there is lettuce (i.e. filler) on top, the amount is such that it doesn’t detract from the nachos.

And they’re fast and relatively cheap, two factors you can’t discount when going out to lunch. And I say lunch because Jalapenos is never open for dinner, closing at 3:00PM.

Jalapeno’s is the only Mexican restaurant downtown, with the exception of Al Azteco, which is too far to walk for most people. (I love El Az’s BCV burrito, BTW.) While maybe not authenticate Mexican food, the food at Jalapeno’s is good. But if you want to eat there, arrive early – it’s small, and the tables go fast.


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