Nachos at City Limits, Mason

I approached City Limits and my first reaction was: “It’s a bowling alley. I drove to Mason for bowling alley nachos?” Because, yes, City Limits is a bowling alley, and I didn’t know that. All I knew was that I wanted to try to new-to-me nachos. But, I didn’t drive 25+ minutes just to turn around, so I decided I would continue with the night’s plan.

I ordered the half-order at the recommendation of the waitress, and I’m glad I did. I was barely able to finish them, and I probably should have given in earlier. But, I’m stubborn, and the nachos were pretty good.

City Limits, Mason

Nachos at City Limits, Mason

These nachos were topped with banana peppers, which I don’t see too often. They were also topped with tomatoes and lettuce which slightly overpowered the meat and cheese through most of the meal. I bypassed the black olives, and I’m glad I did – too many veggies were blocking the meat already.

Speaking of, the ground beef had a nice flavor and there was enough cheese to keep me happy. The size of the salsa and sour cream were small, but they lasted. The salsa wasn’t anything special, and the chips were average, though I did get a few exceptionally salty ones, which I love.

The bowling alley and the restaurant / bar were separate, and though on league night (assuming them have them) it may be noisy, when I went it was relatively quiet. And all through dinner, 80s music was playing in the background. I grew up in the 80s, so that was fine with me. The restaurant side of City Limits had a typical sports bar feel – lots of TVs and a decor you would expect.

Were the nachos worth a trip to Mason? Probably not – there are better nachos in the Lansing area – but if you’re in the area, or live in Mason, they would be a good choice, though the Baja Grille is a better one.


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