T & D Coney Island, Okemos

In the shell of Restaurant Villegas (which was one of my favorite restaurants) now rests T & D Coney Island. On Grand River near Dobie, it’s easy to miss, sitting in a small strip mall next to a Quality Dairy. But I didn’t miss it, and decided to try them out after my first, Wild Wing Cafe, was way too busy for my mood.

T & D Coney Island

T & D Coney Island

Despite being called a coney island restaurant, I bypassed the hot dogs and went with the fish sandwich and fries. Both were good and worth having again. The fish wasn’t overcooked and tasted great, as were the fries. And there were lots of them. No scimping happening there.

T & D Coney Island

Fish sandwich and fries at T & D's

And my waitress’s name was Big Mama M. You know you’re going to get quality service when your waitress is named Big Mama.

T & D Coney Island

Big Mama

If you are a big fan of people yelling Opa! and don’t want to drive to Greektown, you can get flaming fried cheese at T & D. So it’s sort of a greek coney island, and we’ve got one in Okemos.

The restaurant was nicely decorated. It was not busy when I visited on a rainy Friday night, with less than half the tables being occupied. T & D’s also has bar if you happen to be in the drinking mood.

T & D Coney Island

T & D Coney Island


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