The Nachos of Red Robin

I don’t get to Red Robin often, as it’s on the west side of Lansing and I live on the east side of town. And Red Robin is a burger joint – the Royal Red Robin burger is a thing of beauty, topped with bacon and fried eggs. But I was in the area for a walk at Woldumar Nature Center, and looking to expand my nacho-tasting experience, so there we have it – draw your own conclusion.

Red Robin, Lansing

Red Robin, Lansing

The Nacho Ordinary Chili Nachos were cheese-a-licious with tomatoes, onions, and a smattering of jalapenos. The chili didn’t blow me away, but the flavor was fine – better than I expected, as chili nachos usually don’t do anything for me. The sour cream and guacamole were a little lacking in the quantity department, and there was no salsa. Much gnashing of teeth occurred at that.

Red Robin nachos

Red Robin nachos

The portion size was just right. I hate to waste nachos, God’s most perfect food, which gets me into trouble. But I ate every bite and was exactly, perfectly full. One chip less and I would have been ravenously hungry halfway through the night, one more chip and I would have exploded. They were that numerically perfect.

The problem with chili nachos is that the chips get soggy, and that was a minor issue with Red Robin’s nachos as well. Luckily, the chips were a hardy bunch, and for the most part, resisted the debilitating effects of the chili

For the best part, I arrived for Happy Hour, so my nachos were half-off. That was a bonus. And they went great with my Blue Moon beer.

Conclusion: Good, but I would probably bypass them for a burger with endless fries.


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