Goodbye, Dimitri’s

Dimitri’s, a fixture on 104 S. Washington Avenue in Lansing for over 30 years, is closing next week.  And it’s my fault. I work downtown, but I rarely stopped in for a meal, and now look what’s happening? Okay, it’s not all my fault – it’s your fault too.

To remedy this situation, though admittedly too late to do any good, I visited Dmitri’s for lunch this afternoon. Arriving just before 11:30, I was the first one there, but by the time I left just before noon, there was a line out the door.

Dimitri's, Lansing

Dimitri's, Lansing

I didn’t feel creative today, so I went with my usual Dmitri’s dish, the olive burger. It was a solid burger, the sauce being a little runny but otherwise was excellent. The platter came with fries and a Coke for under $6, and they are as fast as they have always been.

Olive burger platter at Dimitri's, Lansing

Olive burger platter at Dimitri's, Lansing

I’ll pay them one more visit next week, probably the last day they are open. One less place to eat downtown…


One thought on “Goodbye, Dimitri’s

  1. That was the only place downtown where you could get a good old-fashioned diner breakfast. My other favorite downtown breakfast spot was Jalapeno’s–but every time I try to go there, it’s so darned crowded.

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