Father’s Day at The Watershed, Haslett

Yesterday was Father’s Day. And since I got to pick what restaurant we were going eat at, I chose The Watershed, literally just down the street from us in Haslett.

There were two reasons. One, it was a local restaurant, and I wanted to keep my money nearby. And two, I’ve enjoyed the food on previous visits – good food that wasn’t part of a chain.

I’ve had the nachos before, but I was in the mood, and I’m glad I was – they were excellent. First off, the chips were quite salty, a bit plus in my books. There were lots of meat and cheese, the former being very good – it was straight ground beef, not chile, and cooked perfectly. Just the right amount of veggies along with sour cream and salsa.

Nachos at The Watershed, Haslett

Nachos at The Watershed, Haslett

In the background is a 25 oz. Bell’s Oberron. They didn’t have a Blue Moon I asked for on tap, but the waiter mentioned they have Oberron, which was even better –  I have Michigan beer when I can.

My daughter had the chicken strips and fries, which were also very good. I plan on trying a burger on my next visit just to get the fries, but I have no doubt that the burger will be very good too.

As an aside, Monday nights The Watershed has $1 12 oz. Labatt on special – that’s a great deal, and I stop in every once in a while to take advantage of it. I considered keeping that to myself, but hopefully it will tempt a few of you to visit my hometown restaurant.


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