RG Ballpark Dogs. It is Mexican, sort-of

Lurking near Clara’s, on the former spot of Turkey Man, is RG Ballpark Dogs & More. Easily missed, it’s like a large walk-in closet situated on the corner of Pere Marquette Drive and Michigan Avenue, there is only room enough inside for three tables, and on my visit, two of those were outside. That was fine, I was getting my food to go anyways. 

I read a review on the now-defunct Mid-Michigan Dining, and I have to agree, the menu is a little weird. It’s part hot dog joint, part Mexican restaurant. Since I noticed the “Mexican” sign in the window before I saw the name of the restaurant, I figured I would get some Mexican food.

 And I stuck to the plan. Wednesday is apparently $1 taco day, so I bought three beef tacos in corn shells and enjoyed them in my beautiful cube in downtown Lansing.  The tacos were good, nothing fancy, just meat, cheese, and lettuce. They were messy, filled with the structure problems that soggy tacos experience. And for $3, the price was right.

 Heading to Brogan’s to get a tire fixed? (I had to do that twice.) Try to eat at 621 only to discover it’s closed? Well, just keep on walking and you’ll find the schizophrenic Mexican / hot dog joint for a cheap and quick lunch.


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