Southern Nachos at Buddies

I’ve had nachos at Buddies many times – it’s my go-to nacho spot in the Lansing area – but I had never eatenĀ  the Southern Nachos. This unfortunate fact was rectified last night at the East Lansing restaurant. I ordered the mini, and they were even bigger than the mini Nachos Supreme, which is impressive. Salsa, guacamole, and sour cream were included.

Southern Nachos, Buddies

Southern Nachos, Buddies

The biggest difference between the normal nachos and the Southern Nachos was the inclusion of refried beans and BBQ beef. (You can also get chicken.) I thought the beef tasted very good, though it was almost like chile, which I’m not a fan off. It also made many of the chips soggy. Hard to dip a soggy chip – that is some wisdom right there.

There were lots of other topping. Loads of cheese along with plentiful lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. I forgot to have the green peppers left off – I’m not a fan of those either – but they didn’t take anything away. There were also a few jalapenos lurking about, which was a good thing.

The Southern Nachos were not good enough to knock the Nachos Supreme from my top spot of Lansing-area nachos, but I enjoyed them and would certainly have them again… if the other nachos weren’t so good.


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