Nachos at Jimmy’s Pub

I was shamed by my dad into eating them.

Not directly shamed. He had called a month or so earlier to ask if I had eaten the nachos at Jimmy’s Pub, and to my discredit, I had not. But why not? I’m the nacho guy of my family, I’ve eaten nachos at over thirty restaurants in the Lansing area. Why had I not eaten them at Jimmy’s? Time to rectify this situation.

 Jimmy’s Pub is on Chandler Road about a half-mile north of Lake Lansing Road. I had eaten there twice, and had enjoyed the turkey sandwich and the fried chicken salad. Now, it was time to get to work and order the nachos.

I was not impressed by the portion size. They looked small, and though there were lots of toppings, I still wasn’t sure they would fill me up, especially after I had just hiked at Sleepy Hollow State Park.

I ordered the ground beef, which had a nice flavor. That was topped with both cheese and spicy cheese sauce – double your pleasure and what not. There were not a whole lot of veggies, which was fine with me, but there was certainly enough and they were even distributed. I opted out of the black olives and green peppers, neither of which belong on nachos, so that decreased the veggie quotient.

At the end of my meal, I was surprisingly quite full, so the size was deceiving. And my fullness was probably assisted by the Founders Brewery Red’s Rye that I had along with it. I drink Founders beer whenever I can. Not only do they produce very good beer, I have a soft spot for them. Their first brewery was on Monroe Street in Grand Rapids, below the marchFIRST office where I worked in 2000-2001. Fond memories. I can still smell the beer being brewed…

The downside of Jimmy’s nachos were the price. At nearly $10, I should have been given a plate of chips so large that I shouldn’t have been able to see the table. That was not the case. Even though I thought they were good, I would not pay $10 for them again.


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