Red Cedar Grill and awesomeness in pasta

Once again, we had a great meal at Red Cedar Grill in Williamston. I chose the Louisiana Cajun Fettuccini, as I was trying to help burn out a cold I was suffering through. It took only a few bites before I really felt the spiciness of the pasta – it’s not for the weak. The first wine our waiter recommended was out of stock, so he brought a bottle of King Estate’s pinot noir, which went perfect with Andrea’s ahi tuna and my pasta. The wine actually made the pasta taste hotter, an effect I didn’t expect.

Having joined their membership club, I had received a coupon for a free dessert. It was a no-brainer – we went for the chocolate skillet cake. A thin chocolate souffl├ęs covered with peanut butter and chocolate fudge, topped with a scoop of ice cream. This might be the best dessert in the Lansing area, but I’m open to discussion. But definitely try it – you will not be disappointed.

Service was a little slower than usual, but there was a big party cashing out just as we were ready to order. Once we ordered, it wasn’t long before we had our drinks and our very good rolls. It was a little busier than usual for a Wednesday night, which I was happy to see. I certainly don’t want my favorite restaurant to go out of business!


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