Beignets at the Grand Lux Cafe, Chicago

We have returned to the restaurant every time we visit the Windy City, both because of the great ambiance and the great food. And the portions for the price are amazingly large, especially considering its location at Michigan and Ontario. On our last visit to Chicago in August, we returned to the Grand Lux, this time for drinks and dessert only.

 Andrea has loved the molten chocolate lava cake since she tasted it on our first visit. The waiter did a convincing job describing the dessert, and there has been no looking back. It is a highlight of every trip to Chicago.

 I’m the opposite, and try a new dessert each time. For this visit, I ordered the beignets. Though much heavier than the beignets from Café du Monde in New Orleans, what I think of as the ideal beignet, they were still very tasty.

Grand Lux Cafe beignets

Grand Lux Cafe beignets

 These beignets were closer to air-filled doughnuts. Once again, the Grand Lux Café was very generous with their portions, and certainly enough to share, which I did with a man at the next table. (I’m also glad the room at our hotel, the Blackstone, had a refrigerator.) The beignets were served with three sauces, vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate, the latter being the best.

Summary: I loved them. Of all the desserts I have eaten – lava cake, cheesecake, regular cake – the beignets were my favorite. I will have to give serious thought about our next visit to Chicago on whether I really want to try a new dessert or to return to this new favorite.


One thought on “Beignets at the Grand Lux Cafe, Chicago

  1. The first time I tried the beignets, i thought that they were the best thing I had ever put in my mouth—REALLY!!! And as Erma Bombeck once said, “I thought my tongue was going to smack my brains out”.

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