Stella’s, Traverse City

We were in Traverse City on Saturday, the night before I ran the Betsie Valley half-marathon, and we stopped into Trattoria¬†Stella for dinner. Because we didn’t have a reservation, and they were already booked for the night by the time we arrived at 5:15 – yes, it’s a popular place, with good reason – we sat in a big communal table in the bar. The tall chairs were comfortable and we managed to keep our three-year old from falling out, but just barely.

Stella's in Traverse City

Stella’s serves meals like they do in Italy, with multiple courses of small-ish portions, at least by our standards here in the U.S.

For an appetizer, we split the Red Pizza, topped with pepperoni and sausage, and very good. It was perfectly baked and big enough for a meal for one person, or a precursor for three.

Red Pizza at Stella's

Red Pizza at Stella's

I chose the lasagna for my entr√©e. This was a first course meal, so it wasn’t a large portion, but combined with the Red Pizza, it was the perfect amount of food. The piece was very cheesy and topped with shitake mushrooms.

Lasagna at Stella's

Lasagna at Stella's

Along with the food, I started with a Short’s Pontius Road Pilsner, an easy beer to drink, so if you’re not up on hoppy beers, this will suit you fine. With dinner, we had a bottle of Poggio Nibbiale, which was fantastic. I have no idea how much it was, as I was taking my daughter for a walk through the halls of the Mercato building where Stella’s is located when the check came (good timing!), but it was (probably) worth it.

Stella's in Traverse City

Stella's in Traverse City


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