Houghton Hancock burger at Leo’s Spirits & Grub

Oh, what a wonderful site this is:

Labbatt at Leo's

Labbatt at Leo's

This is a 34 oz. Labatt Blue from Leo’s Spirits and Grub at 2085 West Grand River Avenue in Okemos. The old Bennigan’s has been transformed, at least on the outside. The interior looks different, too, but the layout remains essentially the same.

And my 34 oz. Labatt cost only $3, a Monday night special.

I don’t care what the annual survey says, Leo’s had the best burger in Lansing. And the king of Leo’s burgers is the Houghton Hancock. Topped with cheese and grilled ham, plus the normal veggie fillers, this is a beautiful work of burger art. The buffalo chicken salad almost tempted me away, but nothing goes better with beer than a burger, so I gave into my go-to Leo’s meal.

Houghton Hancock burger

Houghton Hancock burger


2 thoughts on “Houghton Hancock burger at Leo’s Spirits & Grub

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