Lenny’s Sub Shop, Lansing

Today was the grand opening of Lenny’s Sub Shop at 212 S. Washington in Lansing. Naturally, I went, because I’m always interested in new restaurant openings.

I arrived to a crowd of applauding people and a radio interview. Not being curious about it, I bypassed them and was able to slip inside. I was met by a greeting that, had it been any friendlier, my wife would have objected to be going there. They stopped just short of offering me a sponge bath.

Lenny's Sub Shop

Lenny's Sub Shop

This being my first trip to Lenny’s, I went with the “Original Sub”. I was offered regular and large. Since the large was about the length of my forearm, I went with the regular and was still impressed by the size of it.

Lenny's Sub Shop

Lenny's Sub Shop

I got everything on it, including the hot pepper relish, which added a nice bit of kick to the sub. I was happy with the sub. It tasted good and I was not left wanting. And I picked up a “Substantial Rewards Card”, their frequent eaters card.

I hope they do well in Lansing. There are a lot of sub shops on Washington, so we’ll see if the area can survive one more.


2 thoughts on “Lenny’s Sub Shop, Lansing

  1. Thank you for your positive, and humorous comments. If you like that sub, there are many more that will keep your taste buds coming back for more. My favorite is the Philly. It also tastes great with the hot pepper relish. Enjoy!

  2. I use to work in Jackson and had Lennys at least once a week. Hopefully the employees in Lansing are as friendly as they were in Jackson. The chicken salad is the BEST!!!!!!

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