The demise of South Lansing restaurants

I was wracked by sad South Lansing food news today. First, I read a Lansing State Journal article from the 6th that there will be no Sonic on Pennsylvania. There was a mild amount of unhappiness at that, since I’m a fast food fan, and I was looking forward to finally paying attention to all those Sonic commercials I see on ESPN.

But I swallowed my grief and headed to that side of town to get an oil change. While that was being done, I had planned a visit to White Castle. In preparation, I had even visited their web site where I was able to print a coupon for a free slider for becoming a Facebook fan. 

Armed with my coupon, I marched down Cedar Street and I was greeted with this:

White Castle, Lansing

White Castle, Lansing - gone

Lo, White Castle was gone. I don’t mind giving some strange app on Facebook permission to view my friends and subject them to potential identity theft and loss of privacy, but I at least want something out of it. All for naught. 

Instead, I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken (sorry, KFC – their food is so healthy now) to have some kind of chicken breast combo meal. Everything was fine, no complaints. And I gladly poured the “buttery spread” and “honey sauce” on my biscuit. I don’t know what was in them, and I don’t really care, I just know that apparently there wasn’t enough butter to call it butter, and there wasn’t enough honey to call it honey.

Next lunch outing, I’m headed back downtown to try something within walking distance.


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