Mumbai, East Lansing

Time was short as we squeezed dinner in between dropping off our daughter at my parents house and getting to the MSU Auditorium to see the Bob and Tom Comedy Tour. Unfortunately, dinner didn’t get the attention it deserved, but we still enjoyed the meal.

Mumbai takes the place of India Palace at 340 Albert St in East Lansing. I never went to the latter, but I’m glad we stopped into the former. We were seated immediately, which was good because of our crazy time crunch. We were greeted with a hot towel and fruity welcome drink served in a combination tiny metal pitcher / shot glass.

We started with the Punjabi Samosa, fried potato turnovers. Two were served, and were larger than we expected. They had be at “fried”, but they were perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, like a big potato hush puppy. From India.  We also ordered a side of Naan, which I would rank as super good. Again, the portions were plenty, even for splitting.

Samosas at Mumbai

Samosas at Mumbai

I had the Chicken Curry entrée and was happy with my choice. The food was served in a small dish and a much larger dish of rice to share. Being hungry, I first looked at the little dish and thought there was no way that was enough food. I was wrong, and I was definitely full when we left. We were given a choice of spice level. I chose medium, but could have gone safely up to hot.

Chicken Curry and Naan at Mumbai

Chicken Curry and Naan at Mumbai

We even had a visit from chef and owner Paddy Rawal, who, BTW, did a great job on our meal. And unlike some of those of restaurant manager visits, I didn’t mind him stopping by. I don’t know why, but he reminded me of an Indian James Bond. If it later comes out that he is some kind of international man of mystery, I will not be surprised.


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