The Bierock at Old Chicago

I was out and about on Monday night to watch the football game on ESPN, where Philadelphia trounced Washington – it wasn’t even close to close. So for a change of pace, I went to Old Chicago in Okemos.

This is Old Chicago-Style “Bierock”, which reminded me a cross between a calzone and a pasty. It was stuffed with ground beef and cheese and baked in soft dough, not the harder-style dough that surrounds pasties. It sat in gravy and was served with fries.

Old Chicago Bierock

Old Chicago Bierock

And I liked it. The gravy (the website says brandy-Dijon gravy) was tasty with a flavor I never thought gravy would have. The Bierock was definitely filling. The downside was that it has mushrooms, but they were easy to identify and pick out.

Along with my Bierock I had a $3 25oz. Blue Moon draft. I was very happy with that price, as Blue Moon is among my favorite beers. Of course, Old Chicago has a hundred (or so) different beers, but I went with one that I knew would be good.

 A $3 beer and a good pasty-hybrid ground beef creature was good use of my Old Chicago gift card. They have more than just pizza there, so peruse a little farther into the menu and check out their surprisingly varied selection.


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