Champps, the good and the bad

Champps has become my go-to place to watch football games at a bar. It gained this distinction because Damon’s in East Lansing closed several years ago. Damon’s was my spot for over 10 years. Big booths, four gigantic TVs, and an excellent sampler platter were my main reasons. And to me, it just had that “Cheers” feel – not as cozy, but it was my “home” bar. 

But all things come to an end, and after much searching, I decided on Champps. It has the big TVs and good food, including gigantic plates of nachos. The half-price burgers on Monday nights is a deal that is hard to beat. But since I had a $5 coupon that wasn’t applicable to the half-price burgers, last night I went with the pulled pork sandwich, something I had not tried before. 

It was good. Like everything at Champps, the sandwich was very large – I didn’t quite finish it. the pork was topped with crispy onion and BBQ sauce. I supplemented the chips for waffle fries, which were good, as usual. 

I have two beefs with Champps. First, over the last few weeks, they haven’t turned the big TV in the main dining room to the game, even after reminding them that there is a game on. That’ annoying, because the smaller TVs which ring the main one are smaller than the one I have at home. I could have saved myself the trip and seen the game in hi-def. 

Second is their  lack of drink specials. Champps tends to have expensive pop and beer, so I’ve been avoiding drinking them to save a few bucks. If, however, they had a beer special that was actually in affect before 10pm, (I am married with a kid and a job, you know) then I would spend a few bucks to save a few bucks.

 So Champps, take it from Leo’s and get those MNF beer specials going.


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