Chili’s nachos

Joining the Chili’s e-mail list has it’s privileges. In my case, I got a coupon for a free appetizer. And since nachos are a favorite dish of mine, I used it for the large beef nachos.

Chili’s nachos are probably not what you picture when you hear nachos. There was no heaping pile of chips shoved before me when they arrived. The “large” only had a dozen normal-sized chips. Doesn’t sound like much, but the chips were absolutely loaded with cheese. Completely covered it what I’m saying. And atop each chip were slices of beef and some jalapenos.

By the time I was done, which I didn’t rush because I was trying to savor the cheese, I was full. (The large Blue Moon didn’t hurt either.) Let me tell you, those were some good nachos. Maybe not top 10 on my nacho list (I’ve got to post my list sometime), but they were good.

And unlike the last time I was at Chili’s, I wasn’t insulted for getting a 10 oz. margarita. I was directly insulted, it was more of a passive-aggressive insult. I ordered one, which the bartender made without complaint or comment. Later in the evening, as I was enjoying my booze and nachos at the bar, the bartender complained to a waitress about having to make 10 oz. margaritas, because it was as much work as a normal margarita for less money.

But karma can suck sometimes, and I happened to get a survey, which I dutifully filled out, complimenting the food and naming out the bitchy bartender.

Anyway, nachos = good.


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