Ruby Tuesday in Okemos

Ruby Tuesday is often convenient  because of its location in the Meridian Mall. Park once, then eat and shop. Of course, since it is the only true restaurant in the mall, it can get busy. Last night was not one of those occasions, so we were able to get seated immediately.

I had the Smokehouse Burger with “endless” fries. I didn’t test the theory to see if the fries were truly endless, but I did get a fry refill, which was handy since the portion size was pretty small. As for the burger, it was topped with all kinds of good stuff – BBQ sauce, bacon, and onion rings. The burger beef tasted fine – its perfect roundness made me suspect it was shipped frozen, but I could be wrong. In any case, it was worth having again. It did have bacon, after all.

Ruby Tuesday has a daily $3 “draft of the day” special, and after the waitress (maybe she was new) confirmed with someone else that, yes, they did have a draft of the day, I had Sam Adams Winter Lager. I’m a fan of Sam Adams beer, so I was happy to hear that was on tap, as was Blue Moon, Killian’s, and regular Sam Adams.


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