Cancun close to home

Since it is such a pain to travel these days, we opted for the Cancun restaurant in Okemos instead of flying to the real Cancun in Mexico. And who doesn’t love Okemos?

The salsa was a bit spicier and better than normal. And of course, I had my “mucho grande” Dos Equis. I believe that you can hire one of the wait staff to hold up the beer if it’s too big for you, but I didn’t have a problem lifting. Had I ordered two of them, then I would have had a problem.

Chips and salsa at Cancun, Okemos

Chips and salsa at Cancun, Okemos

For my entree, I ordered the Enchilas Supremas, which came with four enchiladas – chicken, beef, cheese, and beef. And it came with a tomato, the real selling point. The whole dish was good, but ugly to look at. The best of the four was the beef. Mmmm, ground cow, my favorite.

Enchildas Supremas

Enchildas Supremas

Though service was a little slower than usual, we were still in and out relatively quickly – it took me way  longer to finish my beer than it did my dinner. But I needed that gigantic beer because we went to Toys R Us and Target, and I really need alcohol to go into those places.



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