Anniversary dinner at Dusty’s

Our anniversary was last week, and we celebrated on two nights. One was a nice dinner at home, where Andrea made volcano shrimp. We first had that style of shrimp in New Orleans at Mr. B’s Bistro, and they were excellent there, and Andrea did the dish justice. I love that meal, which we also ate with bread, to soak up the sauce. That was followed by chocolate mousse, which tasted much better than chocolate mouse.

For our second night, we went to Dusty’s Wine Bar in Okemos. I had the Mango Mojo Marinated Grilled Hanger Steak, which is among the longest names for a meal I’ve ever eaten, much longer, for instance, than “Big Mac”. It was served with avocado chimichurri. I have no idea what chimichurri is – it’s not a chimichanga, I know that – other than some kind of sauce. Went great with the steak, though, as did the mashed potatoes.

Dusty’s has four choices of side salads that are included with dinner, and I went with the chopped salad because it had salami. You (usually) can’t go wrong with salami. And olives – the salad had whole olives, too. And other stuff, but mainly it was because of the salami.

All of that food went with a bottle of Leese-Fitch Merlot. Since adjectives are required when describing a wine, I’ll say it was carefree and sunburned.

For dessert, we split the peppermint chocolate cake, probably made because it was close to Christmas. Slightly dry, but still good, and surprisingly big for a nicer restaurant. And we had a post-dessert dessert, because Dusty’s brings bite-size brownies with the check.


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