The olive burger at Leo’s Spirits and Grub

I’ve written about Leo’s Spirits & Grub before. In fact, I’ve written about their burgers before, too. And here I am again, writing about a Leo’s burger. But it’s completely different, because this time, I’m writing about the olive burger, not the Houghton Hancock burger. See, completely different.

Leo’s wasn’t my original plan for Monday night. Since most of the Michigan State students had evacuated East Lansing for parts unknown to con their parents out of more money, I decided to sneak in while no one was looking and enjoy some downtown E.L. time. That’s what we locals do. So my destination was Buffalo Wild Wings. Thinking it would only be slightly busy, I cruised in at 8:30, just as before Monday Night Football was starting.

Ha! Foolish me. The place was absolutely packed, not a table or spot at the bar to be found. Not a huge fans of crowds am I, I instead hightailed it to Leo’s in Okemos, where I was able to find a spot with a great view of the biggest TV.

Since Leo’s has a good track record with its burgers, I decided on the olive burger. It was piled high with olives, and the little green things were constantly falling out, there were so many. And the fries were also overflowing, which was a beautiful thing. The burger was a little undercooked, as my understanding of “medium” goes, so I didn’t eat those really pink parts. I’m a little paranoid about that. Still, the other 90% of the burger was great, and I didn’t need that 10% anyways.

Olive burger at Leos

Olive burger at Leos

Of course, being a MNF night, the 34 oz. domestics were only $3. Why Labatt is considered a domestic I don’t know, but it was more beer than you could shake a moose at. The scary thing was that the guy at the table next to me drank two 34 ouncers! 34 + 34 = lots of beer!

So my original plans going sour worked out pretty well. Leo’s has become a favorite spot to watch a football game, though the season is at its end. But I’ll be back to watch MNF again next year, and I’ll certainly be back before then for some non-football dining pleasure.


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