Soup at Zoup! in Lansing

Starting last year, I have a goal to try several new restaurants. My goal for 2010 was 20 new restaurants, and I finished the year with 24.

So for 2011, I’ve set the number at 25. It should be doable, but I plan on traveling less this year – not that I want to travel less, but that is the reality of life right now. So 25 should be a challenge for a small market city like Lansing, MI, but still something I can accomplish.

So my first new restaurant of the year was Zoup! at 214 South Washington Square in Lansing. First impression – the restaurant was well organized and clean. I was offered to try out a soup, but I had browsed their website before lunch, so I knew just what I wanted – the chicken pot pie soup. Service was fast – hadn’t even got my coat off before my order was ready. Of course, it’s just soup, so it was already made. But still, I appreciate fast.

I went for a cup of soup, which included a piece of bread (I chose the sourdough) for $4.95. Not a great value, which is my only criticism of Zoup! For $5 for soup, I expected more than I got.

Soup at Zoup!

Soup at Zoup!

As for the taste, I was impressed. The chicken pot pie soup was creamy and had chunks of chicken, as well as peas and, my favorite part, crumbled bread crust on top. The sourdough was decent, and the purpose of its inclusion was to sop up the soup.

It seems to be doing well – the restaurant was packed by the time I left, so that is a good sign. I’m happy to see a downtown Lansing business that is thriving. I’ll be back again later to try the sandwiches. If they are anywhere as good as the soup, I’ll be pleased.


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