Nachos at Edmund’s, Lansing

Nachos at Edmund's

Tosado Nachos

My first impression of the nachos: Who ordered the pancakes? The nachos were actually stacks of tostado chips (not nacho chips) and served in layers of refried beans, ground beef, and cheese topped with avocado, tomatoes, jalapenos, and lettuce. Surrounding the nacho stack was a dark sauce named “Torpedo Sauce.” I liked the appearance – I had never seen nachos look like that.

But it went downhill from there. It was a tale of two tastes. The Tornado Sauce was a bit overpowering – it was spicy barbeque sauce that was a bit out of place for what I expected for nachos. But without the sauce, the beef and beans didn’t were not flavorful enough to be good. The chips were alright, mostly crispy, but I found a few tough bites in there. Maybe that was why they were served with a sharp knife.

The nachos were $8.95. If they had tasted better, the price probably would have been worth the cost. What wasn’t worth the price was the beer – $5.50 for a pint of Blue Moon! That’s crazy. I may be eating there again – they did have some other items that looked good – but I certainly will not be drinking there.

The bar area was nice. There were a few decorative items on the walls, but otherwise the place had a clean look. There were four flat screens over the bar, and we eaters and drinkers faced Michigan Avenue, Troppo being directly across the street.  (Edmund’s is in the building previously occupied by Troppo.) There wasn’t a big crowd there on a Tuesday night, even for a MSU basketball game. It would be a place I could regularly go if the beer wasn’t that pricey.

I can’t condemn the whole menu, having only eaten there once, but I would recommend avoiding the nachos. If you’re in downtown Lansing, Jalapenos, The Firm, and Brannigan Bros. all have better nachos than Edmund’s.


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