Pizza Hut, South Cedar

I was on the south side of Lansing today, which I usually only do if I need an oil change, to have lunch with my grandma, or to be involved in a robbery. Today, it was the former.

As part of my quest to eat at 25 new restaurants in 2011, I headed to CiCi’s Pizza – the cheap buffet was appealing. When I arrived, I found this friendly greeting:

CiCi's is closed

CiCi's is closed

(After I returned to the dealership to pick up my car, the guy said that CiCi’s wasn’t that good anyways, so apparently I wasn’t missing anything, at least from that location.)

Back on track… Still in the mood for a pizza buffet, I walked all the way across the parking lot and ate lunch at Pizza Hut for their $6 lunch buffet. That was a good price for the theoretical amount of pizza that could be consumed. I’m not that big, and I can’t eat as much as I used to when I was younger, so they shouldn’t be pushed into bankruptcy from my visit.

Pizza Hut, South Lansing

Pizza Hut, South Lansing

Pizza Hut hasn’t fared well in the Lansing area. The one at Abbot and Saginaw closed years ago, the space now used for Rite Aid. The one on MLK near Holmes is gone. Ditto the Okemos location on Grand River. But the South Cedar one has held strong.

I tried three types of pizza. The first, a sausage and ham, I enjoyed – spicy sausage is a good thing. The second, a ham and pineapple, didn’t do anything for me. Maybe because the Jet’s Hawaiian is so good that it has spoiled me. The third, pepperoni, was very good – perfect pepperoni, just a little crispy. And make sure to save a little love for the breadsticks.

I also tried two types of pasta. My favorite was the chicken Alfredo pasta. The pasta with traditional meaty spaghetti sauce topped with cheese was not nearly as good .

Of course, they also had the dessert pizza and cinnamon bread sticks, but I skipped those on this visit to concentrate on the chocolate covered pretzels I had waiting for me back at the desk.


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