Bootlegger’s, Traverse City

I was up north, snowshoeing around Traverse City, and my random selection of a restaurant on Union Street led me to Bootlegger’s. Being in the mood for a burger, it seemed like the right place. It had an old school feel to it, with its tin ceiling and wooden bar, along with a large mirror fronted with lots and lots of booze.

Bootlegger's, Traverse City

Bootlegger's, Traverse City

The burgers were named after mobsters, appropriately enough, and I decided on the “Eddie Green”. Eddie was filled with cheese, green olives, and Grey Poupon mustard, a bizarre twist on the olive burger, of which I’m a fan. It was excellent, perfectly cooked with lots of olives and lots of flavor. Ditto for the fries, except they didn’t have olives. Also served with coleslaw and a pickle.

Eddie Green burger

Eddie Green burger

With my food I had a Keweenaw Pix Axe Blonde which stood out among the dozen or more beers on tap. The Blonde reminded me of Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, just less shandy and more beery, along with a little bit of fizz. And I didn’t have to drive to the Keweenaw peninsula to get it, because that’ s a long drive from Lansing.

Speaking of beer, I stopped by Right Brain Brewery after dinner to see what interesting beer they had brewed. There were plenty, but I decided on the Naughty Girl Stout, made with chocolate and mint, and it was one of the best beers I’ve tasted. Really, really good. Had I not needed to drive to my hotel, I would have had another. But get it while you can – RBB changes their beers frequently.


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