Grand Rapids Brewing Company

I was in Grand Rapids, one of my favorite places, for a computer class on Tuesday. Since I was already in GR, I decided to stay for dinner. I drove west down 28th Street from the site of my training to the Grand Rapids Brewing Co., not far from the Woodland Mall.

First off, it looks like a brewery, with those big tanks.  They’re big and welcoming, saying “We have LOTS of beer, so stop on by.” It’s like home, just with less comfortable furniture. And more beer.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Grand Rapids Brewing Company

The interior was very bar-like. I’m a fan of “bar bars”, it makes me feel like I should be drinking, that it is right that I’m drinking. And there is this guy in the hat. He looked friendly. I don’t know for sure since I don’t talk to strangers in bars, but maybe he was the “Norm” of the GRBC.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Onto the beer. I had the Lumberjack Dark, a porter made with chocolate and caramel malt. It was very good, had a robust flavor but wasn’t overpowering. No aftertaste, either. If I were a regular at the Grand Rapids Brewing Co., this would be my go-to beer…

Unless I had pizza. The beer went awful with the Three Meat Pizza. Really, really bad. Don’t do what I did, learn from those who came before.

Now the pizza itself was good, and at 9″, it was enough for lunch the next day. They were generous with the pepperoni, bacon, and sausage, and I was happy not to see a vegetable in sight. It was greasy, so be warned, even though I personally don’t find that a problem. The pizza was spicy, which I enjoyed, and I was happy with my selection. Next time, though, I’m going to try the gyro nachos. Slightly disturbing, having lamb on nachos, but I’m willing to give it a try.




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