Rainforest Café, Auburn Hills

If you are looking for a nice quiet meal, you know one place to avoid – the Rainforest Café. If you’re looking for someplace to entertain the kids and do something out of the ordinary, then you probably can’t go wrong with eating in the jungle. My daughter was scared by the thunderstorms that rolled through every half-hour, but she liked watching the animated animals. I liked the waterfall, and the fact that it provided white noise to help block out a restaurant full of small children.

The closest Café to my home in Lansing is Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills. As a large aside, the mall is a good place to bring kids. We made the trip to exchange a shirt at Bass Pro Shop, which had lots of stuffed animals (real animals that had been stuffed, that is), an aquarium, and live ducks swimming in the man-made river. The food court had a large play area filled to the brim with kids, with plenty of seats for adults to rest. And the carousel was a big hit, too.

Back to the food.

I had the Awesome Appetizer Adventure which was surprising good, and there was enough left over for lunch, too. The Chimi-Cha-Chas reminded me of spring rolls, and the spinach and artichoke dip, cheese sticks, and chicken tenders were all your standard appetizer fare, but they all solid in the taste department. Next time, I’ll try the nachos, being the nacho fan that I am.

We shared the Sparkling Volcano dessert, which was ice cream served with brownies stacked like a pyramid with a sparkler on top. It looked better than it tasted, and it cost more than my dinner. If you have children, then go for it – it’s certainly big enough to share, and kids probably won’t care that it isn’t a top notch dessert.


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