The Electric Cheetah, East Grand Rapids

You simply can’t go wrong with a place called The Electric Cheetah ( We were given that recommendation by friends from church, and since we were going to be in East Grand Rapids for the Spectrum Health Irish Jig, it seemed like a good spot to have an after-race breakfast.

The Electric Cheetah

The Electric Cheetah

After showering, of course.

The Cheetah is on Wealthy Street. There was a wait on Saturday morning, giving us a chance to look over the menu. It was one of those menus where nearly everything looked good, but I felt like meat, so I decided on The Beastmaster, a fried egg topped with sausage, potatoes, cheese, and other good stuff. And they did not skimp on the sausage, let me tell you. Andrea has the Migas with Sweet Chorizo. Again, no skimping on the chorizo.

The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster

We were seated at the worst table in the restaurant, being right next to the bathroom and the kitchen, but it did give us a great view of the foods coming right out. So many great looking things, so little time. And look at that great metalwork above the stove? That is slick.

The Electric Cheetah

The Electric Cheetah

Get thyself to The Electric Cheetah, and don’t be put off by any wait – it is worth it.


On the Border, Grandville

A nice part about working in Holland once in a while is that there are lots of new restaurants between there and Lansing. On my way back from work this week, I stopped in Grandville for a tour of Rivertown Crossing, which I hadn’t visited in ten years. I had intended to visit a tropical-themedrestaurant in the mall that I had never been, but remembered vaguely from my last trip – some kind of tropical-themed place. But alas, ten years was too long, and it was gone.

Across 44th street was an On the Border. I had been to one in Northville and liked it, so I decided to try their nachos, being the big nachos fan that I am.

The restaurant was packed and I got the last seat at the bar. After ordering food, I was served a big basket of chips, which were good, but I needed to add salt. As you can see from the image below, next to my chips was a big glass of Dos Equis. You may need to work out before you order a beer – it’s quite large.

On the Border, Grandville

Nachos at On the Border

I ordered the steak nachos, and they were among the best nachos I’ve had. The serving size was just right and there was plenty of cheese and jalapenos. The servings of guacamole and sour cream were small, but enough to get me through my meal. The steak was very tender and a bit fatty, but tasted really good, and they didn’t skimp on the portions.

If you are a nachos fan, definitely try them at On the Border.

The best burger in Michigan?

Yes, that was the claim of USA Today – that The Cottage Bar in Grand Rapids had the best burger in the entire state. Of course, this meant I had to try it, both to say that I had the “best burger” and to see if the claim was true.

While I thought the Cottage Burger was certainly good, I couldn’t say it was the best burger. I’m personally a fan of the Leo’s olive burger here in Lansing. But, the Cottage Burger did have cheese, olives, and bacon, a trifecta that is my perfect combination of ingredients. Had the beef patty tasted better, it could very well have been the best burger. Also, it came in a rye bun, and I wasn’t particularly found of that, though you could probably get something different.

As for atmosphere, and I did like that. The Cottage Bar is a small place, located on LaGrave Street just off Fulton. It felt like a neighborhood bar, and the fireplace was a nice touch. Blue Moon on tap is always appreciated, too.

But I have to say… $3.59 for waffle fries added onto a burger? I’m used to paying a buck or two more, but over $3? That seems a bit much for me. The fries were good, but probably not that good. They’re just deep fried potatoes, after all.

Still, I enjoyed my visit, and to say I’ve had Michigan’s best burger. It’s worth the visit, just be prepared for fry sticker shock. And while your there, you’re only a few blocks from Hopcat, an excellent bar with all kinds of great micro brews.

Burger at Reno’s West, Lansing

A friend had mentioned that Reno’s West had an impressive collection of beers on tap, and so we decided to meet there for said beers. Since I had not eaten dinner, I also grabbed a burger, in addition to the free popcorn.

For my burgering delight, I tried the “Sunny Side Sass Burger”, which was a half-pound burger topped with bacon, eggs, cheese, and various burger-friendly veggies. The burger patty was OK, nothing spectacular, which is an apt description for the whole burger. Still, it had bacon, eggs, and cheese on it, and that puts it a cut above a normal burger. Not Red Robin‘s “Royal Red Robin” burger, but decent.

Sunny Side Sass Burger, Reno's

Sunny Side Sass Burger, Reno's

Onto beer talk. I didn’t see the price of the chocolate stout I ordered, and paid $7.50 for a pint. I’ve heard from a few people that the prices are on the menu, but I missed them. So beware, beer drinkers, lest you pay way too much for beer.