Burger at Reno’s West, Lansing

A friend had mentioned that Reno’s West had an impressive collection of beers on tap, and so we decided to meet there for said beers. Since I had not eaten dinner, I also grabbed a burger, in addition to the free popcorn.

For my burgering delight, I tried the “Sunny Side Sass Burger”, which was a half-pound burger topped with bacon, eggs, cheese, and various burger-friendly veggies. The burger patty was OK, nothing spectacular, which is an apt description for the whole burger. Still, it had bacon, eggs, and cheese on it, and that puts it a cut above a normal burger. Not Red Robin‘s “Royal Red Robin” burger, but decent.

Sunny Side Sass Burger, Reno's

Sunny Side Sass Burger, Reno's

Onto beer talk. I didn’t see the price of the chocolate stout I ordered, and paid $7.50 for a pint. I’ve heard from a few people that the prices are on the menu, but I missed them. So beware, beer drinkers, lest you pay way too much for beer.


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