The best burger in Michigan?

Yes, that was the claim of USA Today – that The Cottage Bar in Grand Rapids had the best burger in the entire state. Of course, this meant I had to try it, both to say that I had the “best burger” and to see if the claim was true.

While I thought the Cottage Burger was certainly good, I couldn’t say it was the best burger. I’m personally a fan of the Leo’s olive burger here in Lansing. But, the Cottage Burger did have cheese, olives, and bacon, a trifecta that is my perfect combination of ingredients. Had the beef patty tasted better, it could very well have been the best burger. Also, it came in a rye bun, and I wasn’t particularly found of that, though you could probably get something different.

As for atmosphere, and I did like that. The Cottage Bar is a small place, located on LaGrave Street just off Fulton. It felt like a neighborhood bar, and the fireplace was a nice touch. Blue Moon on tap is always appreciated, too.

But I have to say… $3.59 for waffle fries added onto a burger? I’m used to paying a buck or two more, but over $3? That seems a bit much for me. The fries were good, but probably not that good. They’re just deep fried potatoes, after all.

Still, I enjoyed my visit, and to say I’ve had Michigan’s best burger. It’s worth the visit, just be prepared for fry sticker shock. And while your there, you’re only a few blocks from Hopcat, an excellent bar with all kinds of great micro brews.


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