On the Border, Grandville

A nice part about working in Holland once in a while is that there are lots of new restaurants between there and Lansing. On my way back from work this week, I stopped in Grandville for a tour of Rivertown Crossing, which I hadn’t visited in ten years. I had intended to visit a tropical-themedrestaurant in the mall that I had never been, but remembered vaguely from my last trip – some kind of tropical-themed place. But alas, ten years was too long, and it was gone.

Across 44th street was an On the Border. I had been to one in Northville and liked it, so I decided to try their nachos, being the big nachos fan that I am.

The restaurant was packed and I got the last seat at the bar. After ordering food, I was served a big basket of chips, which were good, but I needed to add salt. As you can see from the image below, next to my chips was a big glass of Dos Equis. You may need to work out before you order a beer – it’s quite large.

On the Border, Grandville

Nachos at On the Border

I ordered the steak nachos, and they were among the best nachos I’ve had. The serving size was just right and there was plenty of cheese and jalapenos. The servings of guacamole and sour cream were small, but enough to get me through my meal. The steak was very tender and a bit fatty, but tasted really good, and they didn’t skimp on the portions.

If you are a nachos fan, definitely try them at On the Border.


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