The Electric Cheetah, East Grand Rapids

You simply can’t go wrong with a place called The Electric Cheetah ( We were given that recommendation by friends from church, and since we were going to be in East Grand Rapids for the Spectrum Health Irish Jig, it seemed like a good spot to have an after-race breakfast.

The Electric Cheetah

The Electric Cheetah

After showering, of course.

The Cheetah is on Wealthy Street. There was a wait on Saturday morning, giving us a chance to look over the menu. It was one of those menus where nearly everything looked good, but I felt like meat, so I decided on The Beastmaster, a fried egg topped with sausage, potatoes, cheese, and other good stuff. And they did not skimp on the sausage, let me tell you. Andrea has the Migas with Sweet Chorizo. Again, no skimping on the chorizo.

The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster

We were seated at the worst table in the restaurant, being right next to the bathroom and the kitchen, but it did give us a great view of the foods coming right out. So many great looking things, so little time. And look at that great metalwork above the stove? That is slick.

The Electric Cheetah

The Electric Cheetah

Get thyself to The Electric Cheetah, and don’t be put off by any wait – it is worth it.


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