New Holland Brewery

Since I do some work in Holland, and I like beer, it was only natural for me to go to New Holland Brewery in the beautiful downtown area. It was my first visit, but will not be my last.

I ordered the corned beef sandwich, which was excellent. They were generous with the meat, and both it and the sauerkraut were mild in flavor but very good. I had the sandwich ($8.99) with a side of fries, which were also excellent, and only $1.50 extra, not a bad deal for such a good helping. They were large-cut and cooked just right.

For my brews, I started with an oatmeal stout which went down smooth with no aftertaste. The second, Peace Out Porter, was almost as good and I probably would have enjoyed it more had the oatmeal stout not been so good.  It was definitely more hoppy than the stout, but not overwhelming so, not anywhere near an IPA, thank goodness – there is only so much hoppiness I can take.

The restaurant is family-friendly, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because I have some tendencies towards being a curmudgeon. I wanted to have some beer and chill, and a family with two small children were seated right beside me. If I had wanted to be around small children, I would have stayed home. Next time, I’ll sit at the bar. Still, into my second beer, I didn’t much care, and I know how it is trying to keep kids quiet in restaurants.

My main disappointment came because New Holland Brewery didn’t have nachos, and I really wanted some that night. There were chips with salsa, but that just wasn’t doing it for me. How ’bout some nachos, NHB? Help a brother out.


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